Niko Bridge & Marine Solutions deliver innovated products to three market segments, BRIDGES, MARINE, and INDUSTRIAL applications that draw attention to pedestrian access. Our products are lightweight, low maintenance, and long-term performing products that yield years of cost savings. Manufactured in facilities that are focused on enhanced practices, our products embrace quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process.

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  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Long-term Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effective


NIKO BRIDGES ARE DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY no matter if it is a simple pedestrian bridge designed to get people from one place to another, or a more complex pipe support bridge. Our products are light weight, high strength, and utilize some of the highest grade metals. We also employ the latest engineering practices and tools that give you peace of mind. By purchasing one of our bridges, you increase added protection against the elements that diminish the life span of most modern day products in the extreme environments.

NIKO PIPE SUPPORT BRIDGES are used in industrial factories, difficult countryside environments, and where carrying small and large utilities over areas where traditional support methods are not practical. Niko bridges are very stiff and posses a high strength to weight ratio. What this means is now you can economically achieve spanning utilities of considerable distances. Our pipe support design process begins with an understanding of the application and objectives.

NIKO PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES weigh 1/3 of the most commonly used weathering steel material, allowing you to airlift with ease or set into place with much smaller equipment. Niko pedestrian bridges are normally 4-10 feet wide, spanning up to 100 feet in length. Our safety rails can be horizontal or vertical pickets that protect from someone falling through. Our pedestrian bridges are safe, light weight and designed for pedestrians crossing on foot, bicycles, horses, and all-terrain vehicles such as ATV’s and snow mobiles.

NIKO VEHICLE BRIDGES are used in various applications such as golf courses, ferry landings, parks and other applications that require small vehicles to cross. Our vehicle bridges are designed to AASHTO standards and can accommodate up to an H-10 loading. Niko bridges are normally 6 -10 feet wide and span 80 -100 feet in length. Most all of our vehicle bridges are manufactured in AISC certified facilities to ensure quality standards are being achieved.


NIKO MARINE PRODUCTS give you the utmost peace of mind that you chose the best products to ultimately protect the things you value. Our product are more than just marine products, they are solutions which are measured by long term performance.

NIKO GANGWAYS offer both commercial style and residential style gangways. Built simple but built robust, our residential gangways bring confidence and safe access to any dock or pier. Our commercial gangways look great and offer concentrated strength for those longer and intense applications.


NIKO SEAWALLS can be found throughout the United States in a wide variety of applications. Our seawall products are manufactured from vinyl, composite, and aluminum. These product offerings have been successfully utilized by commercial marinas, government agencies and private property owners for more than 25 years. They offer long term protection from the elements that diminish the life span of traditional products such as wood, steel and rock.

NIKO FLOATING DOCKS & PIERS are the most economical and longest lasting products on the market. We specialize in dock applications that cater not only to small residential, but also to full scale commercial marina applications. Our products are appealing, multipurpose, and low maintenance, therefore improving making it easier to preserve your property.


NIKO INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS provide catwalks, stairs, ladders and access ramps to manufacturing facilities such as power, food, and chemical plants. Our experienced engineers provide you designs that meet or either exceed OSHA specifications and operational requirements. Our fabrication process is second to none and embraces quality into every project.

NIKO STAIRS AND PLATFORMS are high-strength, fully welded aluminum that are fabricated to accommodate new or existing platforms. Our platforms range from small scale, to larger 24’x24’ raised areas. Framing options are available to meet your specific load and application requirements. Let our engineers work with you to come up with the best solution.

NIKO CATWALKS increase safety and efficiency in your manufacturing facility or to your industrial application. Our catwalks are light weight and built to last. Made of high-end alloy, the product you receive will be customized to fit your application. Safety, Quality, Light, and Stout are the words that describe what is built into every catwalk we produce.

NIKO ACCESS RAMPS are designed and manufactured for use in public building access and residential home access. They are all-weather ramps and require virtually no maintenance. Permanent or removable handrails, mesh screenings, along with picket handrails are just a few of the safety standards that are optional with Niko ramps. Combine a Niko ramp, platform and stairway system for the ultimate worry free pedestrian access way.


NIKO DECKING is available in many different types for you to consider. Other than our standard aluminum decking, we offer Brazilian Hardwood (IPE), southern yellow pine, composite, gratings and concrete. Whatever decking you decide on, Niko Bridge & Marine Solutions is here to help you understand the benefits of each decking option.

NIKO LIGHTING creates and encourages a good friendly pedestrian environment, which is especially beneficial to neighborhood and business districts. Pedestrian lighting enhances community safety and business exposure by illuminating the surrounding landscape as pedestrian traffic cross.

NIKO BOLLARDS are installed to protect your pedestrian bridge from being accessed by vehicles. Your design criteria may be reduced when bollards are installed, resulting in lower cost. The security bollards we offer have been rigorously tried and tested, and promise durability along with a little bit of unexpected aesthetic charm.

NIKO GATES can be custom designed and fabricated to secure your application. Our gates add protection to any commercial or residential pedestrian crossing or entrance while enhancing privacy and security. Niko gates are crafted from high marine grade aluminum that are built for longevity and durability.