Our development & Design

Project Assessment

Do you have a tough to get to application? Is maintenance a concern? What are your options? These are just a few questions that Niko Bridge and Marine Solutions tackle everyday with multiple engineers, architects, and owners. Our experienced project managers are here to assist in the assessment and budget planning phase of your project.

Project Development

Niko Bridge and Marine Solutions provide clients with technical documents, such as a specification template and standard bridge drawings. We help ensure that the product you receive will meet the necessities established by both industry codes and your project.

Project Design

Niko Bridge and Marine Solutions bridges are examined in depth by qualified engineers utilizing modern design software to ensure the highest level of performance for many years to come. Our standard bridge designs comply with AASHTO standards and conform to the American Disabilities Act standards. Aluminum bridges are 70 percent lighter than concrete, steel and timber bridges. High corrosion-resistant aluminum bridges require no painting and minimal maintenance, and are better suited than steel or concrete where de-icing chemicals are used.


Styles & Specifications